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QUT (Queensland University of Technology)

  • 17% international / 83% domestic

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music)

  • Bachelor

Combine education and music for a teaching career, explore other opportunities in educational settings, or create content for the creative industries.

Key details

Degree Type
4.5 years full-time
Course Code
ID24, 099058G
Study Mode
In person
Intake Months
Domestic Fees
$6,700 per year / $30,150 total
International Fees
$31,500 per year / $141,750 total

About this course

Education double degrees offer qualifications that can set you on the path to pursue a range of careers across many industries and the education sector.

Real-world facilities

Experience the new Education Precinct at the heart of Kelvin Grove campus. With five levels dedicated to world-class teaching, you’ll have access to imaginatively designed face-to-face and online interactive learning spaces. A centrepiece of the Precinct is the Sphere, a digital LED globe suspended over two floors with a changing menu of innovative visual content.

To prepare you to be an inspiring, innovative and confident teacher for the future, you’ll be able to experiment and innovate in preparation for professional experiences in schools. The spaces facilitate just the right balance of collaborative learning, interaction and quiet individual research.

Our expert teaching staff will inspire you to push boundaries, be curious and innovate. Qualities you will in turn foster in the students you teach.

Entry requirements


You must have completed four semesters at high school level (Years 11 and 12) with sound achievement (4, SA) in:

  • English
  • at least one of Maths A, B or C.
Haven't completed the prerequisite subjects?

You may be able to meet the prerequisite requirements if you've completed equivalent subjects or by completing bridging courses.

How to meet prerequisite requirements

Additional entry requirements

You must complete a successful audition for the music component of your course.

For education, you must demonstrate possession of key competencies outlined by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) as attributes and motivations common to effective teachers. You must complete an online questionnaire to demonstrate your motivation for, and understanding of, the course and profession. Details are available from the QTAC initial teacher education website.

Important dates Thursday 1 August 2019 QTAC applications, intrafaculty change form, change of major or minor form and the QUT online registration form open. 5pm Friday 20 September 2019 All applications and application forms close. Requests for applications and registrations after this date will not be considered. Make sure you allow adequate time to complete each stage of your application before application closing time. How to applyStep 1

Apply through QTAC. Current Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) undergraduate students changing course or major must instead submit an intrafaculty change form or change of major or minor form.

Step 2

Complete the QUT online registration form. You must have a valid QTAC number or current QUT student ID number to complete this step.

You must pay the non-refundable $70 application service fee via QUTPay. If you're applying via the Educational Access Scheme or the Centralised Assessment Selection Program, you are exempt from the fee.

Your application is complete once you reach the confirmation notice screen and receive your confirmation email.

Step 3

Attend your nominated audition and bring your supporting documents with you. You can nominate your audition time as part of the online registration form.

If you're not able to attend an audition, you can submit your audition and personal statement video as part of the online registration form.  If you select this option, you'll need to email your supporting documents to ci@qut.edu.au by 5pm on Friday 27 September 2019.

Supporting documentation

Make sure you have:

  • your online registration detailed confirmation notice
  • a resume or curriculum vitae of no more than 2 pages
  • a copy of your most recent high school report and/or results of previous tertiary studies
  • evidence of your highest musical achievements.

If you're presenting recorded pieces, provide written notes explaining your role in the creation, how you created and your aims in creating the recorded pieces.

Audition preparation

Music audition preparation (PDF file, 185.0 KB)

Audition equipment availability (PDF file, 150.2 KB)

Audition location and dates

We encourage you to attend one of the available audition times, which you can select through the online registration form. The time and date of your interview cannot be changed except in exceptional circumstances.

If you don't attend an audition, or submit your audition and personal statement via video, you won't be considered for a place in the course.

Brisbane auditions Date Tuesday 1 October 2019 Wednesday 3 October 2019 Thursday 3 October 2019 Friday 4 October 2019 Location Z9, Creative Industries Precinct, cnr of Kelvin Grove Rd & Musk Avenue, QUT Kelvin Grove CampusAudition feedback

Due to the large number of applications received, we can't provide feedback to applicants.

I need more information

Contact the Creative Industries Faculty for more information on our audition process. You can get in touch by emailing ci@qut.edu.au or calling 3138 8114.

When do I find out the outcome? QTAC applications

Before the November offer round, we will update the preference information within your QTAC application to reflect your outcome. You'll be able to check this via QTAC’s application services.

What information will I see on QTAC?

Within your preferences tab you will see one of the following statuses under the satisfied column:

  • Met: You have met the minimum entry requirements to be considered for a place in this course
  • Not met: You have not met the minimum entry requirements to be considered for a place in this course. You may want to review your QTAC course preferences.

Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not guarantee a QTAC offer for this course, as there are usually more eligible applicants than places available in the program. Most offers will be made in the November offer round. Further offers may be made in later offer rounds.

Intrafaculty change applications

Admissions will notify you of your outcome by email, sent to your QUT student email address from December.

Change of major or minor applications

The Creative Industries Faculty will notify you of your outcome by email, sent to your QUT student email address from late November.

Advanced standing

If you have prior studies or work experience, you may be eligible for advanced standing (credit). You can apply for advanced standing once you've been accepted to QUT. If you're in your first semester of study, you must apply for advanced standing within 10 days of receiving your offer.

If you intend to apply for advanced standing (credit) you can view more information and find out how to apply. If you enter the course with advanced standing you should seek advice on your course progression and the availability of units.

More about advanced standing


You can't defer your offer in this course. You must start in the semester you apply for.

More about deferring your offer

Adjustments to your selection rank

Any adjustments you receive to your selection rank (or OP equivalent) will be applied to this course.

Find out if you’re eligible for an adjustment to your selection rank

Offers we made to school leavers in Semester 1, 2019

The scores listed in the tables below reflect the offers that were made to recent school leavers. If you are not a school leaver, take a look at the entry thresholds box at the top of this page to see the lowest adjusted scores required overall to receive an offer.

Excluding adjustments Including adjustments OP Selection rank OP Selection rank * "<5" - indicates less than 5 OP/Rank based offers were made Highest OP/selection rank to receive an offer OP <5* Selection rank <5* OP <5* Selection rank <5* Median OP/selection rank to receive an offer OP <5* Selection rank <5* OP <5* Selection rank <5* Lowest OP/selection rank to receive an offer OP <5* Selection rank <5* OP <5* Selection rank <5*

You can find out more about your fellow students’ backgrounds with this course’s student profile.

Study locations

Kelvin Grove

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