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How to manage your time at university

It’s easy to sleep through your alarm, stay out too late or miss deadlines if you’re not careful. Here are some quick ways to keep yourself sorted.

How to study effectively at uni

Wondering how you can up your game? Read on for time-honoured study techniques to learn more and boost your GPA.

How to survive your first semester of university

Welcome aboard student life my friends.

Postgraduate data science: Study options explained

Data science allows us to measure and interpret the voluminous amounts of information corporations and governments have at their fingertips. With a postgraduate qualification, you can join this thriving profession.

Should you study an online degree?

Online study has a number of benefits, but how do you tell if it’s right for you?

Study tips for students in New Zealand

Whether you’re about to graduate or at the beginning, developing productive habits can improve your academic experience in universities around NZ.

There’s more to good research than a Google search

We’ll cover some great ways to verify and test your assumptions for great marks and sound conclusions when you’re new to uni.

Value of Studying Abroad

It’s hard to get through a semester at uni without meeting that one person who never stops talking about their semester studying abroad.