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347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners

  • Short course or microcredential

The Australian College of Nursing’s (ACN) National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners course is based on the National Immunisation Education Framework for Health Professionals (2017) and has been accredited by the ANMAC subsidiary Health Education Services Australia (HESA) to deliver this course. HESA is the National body for health education accreditation and ACN is the first institution to have its Immunisation course accredited.

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Degree Type
Short course or microcredential
Flexible, self-paced (a minimum of 21 days up to a maximum of 120 days)
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About this course

Health care providers are at the forefront in protecting the community’s health and wellbeing. Immunisation as a national public health strategy continues to be a cost-effective means in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates related to vaccine-preventable diseases in Australia. In line with the emphasis of the National Immunisation Strategy 2019 – 2024, it is also recognised that having appropriately trained health professionals is crucial in ensuring successful delivery of immunisation services to improve immunisation coverage rates nationally.

The design of the National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practioners (HESA accredited) course hinges on the national educational requirements as determined by the National Framework (2017). This course aims to equip health practitioners with the essential attributes to be immunisation advocates and promote immunisation uptake nationally. Health practitioners who have successfully passed this course should refer to the Department of Health and Aged Care in the jurisdiction they practice in, or wish to practice in, for information and conditions leading to authorisation to immunise independent of a medical officer.

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How to apply

We strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health care professionals to study this course. If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person we encourage you to let us know in your application. If you require assistance with completing your application or support during the course please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Before applying

COVID-19 vaccines and training is not specifically included in this course. For the COVID-19 training modules please access this website.

Please note that completing the 347 National Immunisation Program for Healthcare Practitioners (HESA accredited) course does not necessarily change your scope of practice or allow you to immunise without a medical officer. Direct entry midwives or dual registration nurse/midwives who do not have current RN registration, enrolled nurses, registered nurses in the ACT and other health care professionals are responsible for checking their standards of practice as designated by the NMBA or other applicable registering authority. State and Territory jurisdiction and guidelines must be followed by all health care professionals and you are advised to check with your practising authority to consider if this course is appropriate for you to use in your desired clinical setting. For more information please refer to our FAQ ‘Can enrolled nurses, midwives and pharmacists study this course?‘.

Applications can be made on ACN’s website