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Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce

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This combined degree allows students to complete their program in a shorter duration than completing back-to-back single degrees.

Key details

Degree Type
8 semesters full-time
Course Code
BB-11058, 088305M
Study Mode
In person
Intake Months
May, Sep

About this course

This combined degree allows students to complete their program in a shorter duration than completing back-to-back single degrees. Individually, both degrees equip students to think creatively and critically, problem-solve, communicate professionally, work collaboratively, make ethical and responsible business decisions, and work effectively in a global context that is increasingly uncertain and complex. In combination, these two degrees not only present graduates with a broad range of career options but also provide an opportunity to specialise in their chosen career. The variety of possible career alternatives offered through the Bachelor of Business is found in the scope of majors on offer. These include Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Business, Management, Marketing, Marketing Communication, and Tourism Management. Students are also encouraged to complete an internship, and/or undertake study abroad opportunities or a study tour to further augment this highly experiential program. The Bachelor of Commerce degree is more technical and discipline-focused and aims to prepare students for a career as a professional in a specific field. This degree is designed to develop students' financial competencies, business analytic and decision-making skills and collaboration skills through experiential learning and authentic assessment tasks relevant to the choice of major. Students complete a major which specifically prepares them for a professional career in Accounting, Actuarial Science, Big Data, Economics or Finance fields. By undertaking a specified set of subjects according to their chosen discipline, Bachelor of Commerce students graduating with an Accounting, Actuarial Science or Finance major are generally eligible to pursue professional qualifications offered by their field's governing bodies.

Study locations

Main Campus

Career pathways

The Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce will prepare you for roles in:

Course structure

The Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Commerce program comprises 32 subjects, as follows:

University core subjects (3)

Plus: CORE11-004 Beyond Bond: Professional Development and Community Engagement

Required subjects (12)
  • Please note: Alternate Choice

  • Accounting major students must select ACCT12-200
  • Finance major students must select FINC12-201
Business Major (6)

Students must choose one (1) of the following six subject Business majors.

Commerce Major (6)

Students must choose one (1) of the following six subject Commerce majors.

Electives (5)

Students must choose Five (5) general elective subjects.
General elective - A subject that may be chosen from any subject on offer across the University provided requisites, enrolment restrictions and any other faculty requirements have been met.

You are also encouraged to complete a business minor to diversify your skills and enhance your employability.


A minor is a set of subjects that are sufficient to establish proficiency in a discipline without having to take all of the subjects that a major would take. All minors in the Bond Business School are available to Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Actuarial Science students.

A list of Minors is available here

Please visit BBS Program Structure and Sequencing for guidance on study plans

Students may also choose one of the following opportunities to use one or more of your elective subjects or part of a Major to have international experiences or an Internship opportunity provided you meet the requirements. Please discuss with the Enrolment Advisor in the Student Business Centre.

  • Study Tour
    The Study Tour requires approval from the Faculty. (Please note that Additional Costs are associated with this subject).
  • Business Internship
    The Internship requires a GPA credit average and requires approval from the Faculty with an application to the Career Development Centre.
  • Individual Study Topic
    The Individual Study Topic is only available in exceptional circumstances and requires the Program Director's approval.

Important note for first semester students

You will be registered in the Bond Business Mentoring Program designed for all new undergraduate students; please be advised the first scheduled gathering is in the Bond Business School orientation, If you require further information please email [email protected]

Credit for prior study or work

Subject credits may be awarded for previous studies. To apply for credits, you will need to submit academic transcripts including detailed subject outlines/course descriptions for each relevant subject and/or certified copies of testamurs to the Office of Future Students. Please refer to how to apply for credit for more information

How to apply

In order to apply for study at Bond University, you will need to complete the online application form. To find out more about the application process please refer to how to apply.