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Bachelor of Indigenous Languages and Linguistics

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The Bachelor of Indigenous Languages and Linguistics is designed to provide Indigenous and non-Indigenous students with coherent and increasingly advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to engage in culturally informed and accountable ways in language work, in particular with the maintenance, reclamation and revitalisation of Australian Indigenous languages. The course includes units in general descriptive and theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics with particular reference to language and identity, language endangerment and language revitalisation, language planning and policy in relation to Australian Indigenous languages, cognitive and technical skills in the management of such programs, practical application of linguistic study such as learner grammars, dictionaries and language teaching materials, how languages are embedded within diverse cultural context, cultural ownership and related ethical responsibilities, and accountability in language work. Students will also get the opportunity to achieve basic skills in speaking an Indigenous language, and gain an understanding of how this language is embedded in cultural and social life worlds. The course will prepare students for professional practice and for further study and research in the fields of language and linguistics, and in Indigenous language planning and policy on local and national levels, thus enabling effective participation in and equitable engagement between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language cultures and the broader Australian community. The course is offered through a range of flexible, multi-modal delivery options that will include workshops, Learnline, face-to-face and external.