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Crawford School of Public Policy

A Day in the Life | Tess Harwood

Follow Tess Harwood, a Master of Public Policy student at the Australian National University's (ANU's) Crawford School of Public Policy, to see what a typical day involves for her.

I'm Tess, I study Master of Public Policy at Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.  'm studying a Master of Public Policy because I wanted to learn mmore about how our government here in Australia and governments in the Asia-Pacific are dealing with the public problems that are happening in their societies.

I usually wake up, Ellie, I like to call it Mount Ainslie, which is about five minutes from a new campus and it's such a beautiful view up there. It's a great way to start the day.

I decided to study at ANU, because when I was studying overseas in Indonesia, my best friends there, they were studying at Anu within the College of Asia and the Pacific from what they were talking about a new and and the college. I was so excited. I really wanted to go and study there because I've always had a passion for Asia.I've just come back from Mount Ainslie. I had a tea, sat down, did a bit of study, and then I've come down to see my housemate, her name's Catherine. We bonded because a, I used to study in Japan and she was going to Japan, so we were kind of became friends.

I always try and get to Crowfoot early because if I studied from home, I never get anything done. So I come into the computer labs to just sit down and do my work. Okay. I currently work as a project officer for East Asia Forum. It's a prominent platform focusing on research, debate and policy analysis of public policy in the Asia Pacific region. My work varies, but I generally write press releases and articles and organise events. I love working at East Asia foreign because I get to keep up to date on what's happening in the region. And I also get to talk to the experts in their fields on, on what's happening.

So when I get to Crawford, I walked through the student hub. This is where we can come and see the administrative staff. They help us with finding what electives really work and if we have any questions about the course. My favourite thing about crossfit is that it has its own academic skills. Advisers, um, you're able to just go online and book an appointment with them. They're available for half an hour slots throughout the day from nine to five. And sometimes if you really need something after work or something, they, they help you out there. And I, they sit down with me and go through my whole assignment and let me know about the ideas of, I just want to talk about the ideas or sometimes they, I need help with grammar and it's, it's, it's been such a lifesaver.

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