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Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science

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If you are passionate about animal science, this hands-on degree provides an exciting opportunity to focus on animal health and management.

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About this course

This degree offers a regional perspective relevant to local wildlife and animal health, and will also highlight key issues of international relevance by exploring suitable examples and case studies. Laboratory-based learning is supported by fieldwork at sites such as farming and breeding enterprises, animal health practices and natural habitats with wildlife populations.You will study a wide range of topics including anatomy, animal health, biochemistry, cellular metabolism, immunology, microbiology, physiology and zoology.In the final year, there is an opportunity for a research project or industry placement to explore your own area of interest and develop advanced technical skills.

Entry requirements

Important for Yr 10 students Entry requirements (year 12) Admissions Criteria for current Year 12 students (2019) and recent secondary graduates (2017 and 2018)Prerequisites Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in any English; Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in one of any Mathematics or any Science.This course uses the ATAR as part of its selection considerations.Guaranteed ATARThis program has a guaranteed ATAR.If you meet the program pre-requisites and any Essential Requirements for Admission, we will guarantee you a place in this program with this ATAR. We use the adjusted ATAR, factoring in subject adjustments and SEAS as detailed below.This is not a minimum ATAR or the lowest ATAR selection rank.Subject Adjustments A study score of 35 in Biology, Chemistry or Physics equals 3 aggregate points per study. Overall maximum of 5 points.SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)Applicants who havees (SEAS). Depending on eligibility and your circumstances, a SEAS application may provide support for your course application. Entry requirements (non year 12) Admission criteria for applicants with a Higher Education StudyThis course uses the applicants entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.Compulsory: Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level, including any 'single subjects of study', or successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as the FedUni Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST). Admission criteria for applications with a Vocational Education and Training studyThis course uses the applicants entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.Compulsory: Successful completion of a relevant VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher. Admission criteria for applications with work and life experienceThis course usesplicants who have not completed secondary education, or undertaken any TAFE or university studies should include a personal statement detailing all relevant experience to strengthen their application.

Study locations

Gippsland - Churchill

Ballarat - Mt Helen

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How to apply

The application method varies depending on your circumstances, please visit our How to apply page for further information. VTAC application: Yes VTAC code: 3700510371 (Mt Helen) Direct application: Yes FedUni code: SV5 CRICOS code: 088138K