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Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)

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Combine education and dance for a teaching career, explore other opportunities in educational settings, or create content for the creative industries.

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Degree Type
4.5 years full-time, 1 year part-time
Course Code
ID24, 099058G
Study Mode
In person
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About this course

Combine education and dance for a teaching career, explore other opportunities in educational settings, or create content for the creative industries.

Entry requirements


You must have completed four semesters at high school level (Years 11 and 12) with sound achievement (4, SA) in:

  • English
  • at least one of Maths A, B or C.
Haven't completed the prerequisite subjects?

You may be able to meet the prerequisite requirements if you've completed equivalent subjects or by completing bridging courses.

How to meet prerequisite requirements

Additional entry requirements

You must complete a successful audition for the music component of your course.

For education, you must demonstrate possession of key competencies outlined by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) as attributes and motivations common to effective teachers. You must complete an online questionnaire to demonstrate your motivation for, and understanding of, the course and profession. Details are available from the QTAC initial teacher education website.

Important dates Thursday 2 August 2018 QTAC applications, intrafaculty change form, change of major or minor form and the QUT online registration form open. 5pm Friday 14 September 2018 All applications and application forms close. Requests for applications and registrations after this date will not be considered. Make sure you allow adequate time to complete each stage of your application before application closing time. How to applyStep 1

Make sure you're applying for the correct course: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance).

If you're applying for both, you must complete two separate online registration forms.

Step 2

Apply through QTAC. Current Creative Industries Faculty (CIF) undergraduate students changing course or major must instead submit an intrafaculty change form or change of major or minor form.

Step 3

Complete the QUT online registration form. You must have a valid QTAC number or current QUT student ID number to complete this step.

You must pay the non-refundable $70 application service fee via QUTPay. If you're applying via the Educational Access Scheme or the Centralised Assessment Selection Program, you are exempt from the fee.

Your application is complete once you reach the confirmation notice screen and receive your confirmation email.

Step 4

Attend your nominated audition and bring your supporting documents with you. You can nominate your audition time as part of the online registration form.

If you're not able to attend an audition, you can submit your audition and personal statement video as part of the online registration form. If you select this option, you'll need to email your supporting documents to ci@qut.edu.au by 5pm on Friday 21 September 2018.

Supporting documentation

Make sure you have:

  • a printed copy of your registration form confirmation notice or email
  • a 4" x 6" full-length body shot, front-fac

Study locations

Kelvin Grove

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