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QUT (Queensland University of Technology)

  • 17% international / 83% domestic

William Wu (Weinan)

I love external opportunities that the college and university provided for me, such as internship and programs.

Please list the most important stages of your life (school, education, experience abroad, jobs etc.)

  • Graduate from high school
  • Decide to study abroad
  • Found a job as an international education agency at home city
  • Successfully apply for the university study
  • Near the finish of the university study

Do you know what you will do after university? Are you already doing it?

Yes, I have plan A and plan B. First, continuing to study a higher degree and start a career in the education industry. Second, starting from zero to learn in helping my family business.

For the second question, yes, I already start preparing for both.

How did you choose your particular degree/course? Were you weighing up any alternative degrees or career pathways before choosing this one?

I choose my degree through consulting with my family and my education agent. No, I haven't.

What was the process to get accepted into your course? What were the prerequisites?

IELTS test and the average score of my previous study are the prerequisites of my course.

In terms of the process, it is simple as one step to two steps, get the required IELTS test result and applying with my previous academic record.

What does your study involve? Can you describe a typical day?

The study of mine involves case studies and presentations. The last thing I worked on was about working with other classmates as a team to solve a real work problem given by our tutor.

Will this course be beneficial in your career? Where could you or others in your position go from here? 

Yes, it will.

I believe most of them will end up with several graduates programs, working as consultants in big or small corporates. The rest of them will be back to his or her family business to help their elderly with the new gaining knowledge.

What do you love the most about your course?

I love external opportunities that the college and university provided for me, such as internship and programs.

What are the limitations of your course?

I think the lack of linkage between industry and the study units is the main limitation of my course.

Which three pieces of advice would you give to a current high school student? 

  • First, choose an industry you are interested in and try to find a job in the choosing industry.
  • Second, quit it as soon as possible if you feel the chosen industry is not suitable for you and looking for a new industry.
  • Third, build your network if the chosen industry is the right one for you.