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Mathematics and Statistics

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Mathematics is humanity's most powerful tool for comprehending the universe and is essential for many fields of modern endeavour such as science, technology, engineering and finance.

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This course opens up a world of future study pathways and career options.

The University of Western Australia welcomes applications from international and domestic school-leavers. If you're interested in studying this major, find out the admission details below.

Mathematics is the language of science, technology, engineering and finance. It underpins the data analysis, forecasting, modelling, decision-making and problem-solving principles on which modern society depends.
Mathematicians contribute creatively to almost every aspect of modern life and this major will equip you with the mathematical tools and techniques of at least two of the three key disciplines of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical statistics.

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Demand for Mathematics graduates is growing and outstripping supply. With this major, employment opportunities can be found in a wide range of areas including finance (banks, insurance companies and investment analysis), government organisations (CSIRO, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Defence Science Technology Organisation, Bureau of Meteorology), public service (states and federal), teaching (primary, secondary and tertiary levels) and other industries such as computing, engineering, research and statistical consulting firms.

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