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Where to start your government career: federal or state?

If you want to launch your graduate career in the government sector, this article will help you decide if you should focus on federal or state government.

Why do people work anyway?

Why do we work? Why don’t we all just live in a commune, sleeping in late and bartering beans for berries as needed?

Why lowering the HELP debt repayment threshold isn't such a bad thing

Recent changes to when students have to repay university debts has stirred controversy. Fortunately, it might not be as bad as everyone thinks.

Why should you do summer internships?

If you’re not sold on them yet, here are some clear-cut reasons to get some internships in during the summer period.

Why your IT degree alone isn’t enough

From a penchant for problem solving to the ability to communicate effectively, there are a range of ‘soft skills’ that recruiters will expect you to possess.

Your first year as a graduate: handling performance reviews

Performance reviews are a great opportunity to learn about your career progression. Here are 6 tips for graduates approaching their first performance review.

Your first year as a graduate: managing your mental health

Mental health matters – your first year in a graduate program can be a stressful. Here are tips on how to manage and where to get help.